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cones around the beltway at braddock way through your beandale there should not trouble spots either. maryland there was a work n the inner loop and outer loop at greenbelt road. that is getting out of the way. the outer loop should be cleared momentarily. traveling around the north side of the beltway in maryland, with no majorood to report for the start your friday morning commute. back to you. >> thank you. it might get tough using metro this weekend. trains not running nomaen dupont circle and from 10:00 tonight until closing on sunday. there will be shuttle buses. line trains single- tracking between east and west falls church. between stadium-armory and cheverly. trains will single track huntington and braddock road. no work on the blue or green. >> the key intersections in tyson's corner is reopening this morning. the hope is that will improve traffic flow. leads fromat to found route 7 at 5:00 a.m. traffic is about to get more congested in bethesda. woodmont avenue between bethesda be closed will 20rting at 9:00 tonight for months. when the construction is there will be 1000
accident on the inner loop at braddock road that's now gone. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, one person was killed and another wounded during the shooting at a midnight victory rally for the new premier of quebec. >> she was removed from the stage. the shooter is a 50-year-old man. he shouted, "the english are waking up." he says a small fire behind the building before he was arrested. date to of the democratic national convention in charlotte. former president bill clinton will give the stage tonight. >> this follows an opening night filled with powerful speakers. scott thuman and gordon peterson are in charlotte with highlights. >> the first lady knocked them dead at this convention. >> last night for democrats hoping they could keep this thing off in style. the enthusiasm that they really needed to garner in this election campaign, they got what they were hoping for. >> the first lady discussed her misgivings about living in a glass bubble. clearly, she wants to hang on to the job. the president does not show his hand very often. here's michelle obama talking about her hu
the construction in tysons, that has been completed on schedule. around braddock and 66, so that's important. flashing lights on the shoulder. 95 near rte. 3 in the stafford area. they are wrapping that up. springfield, looks good out of woodbrige. back to you. >> thank you. thank you, jamie. a young mother in capitol heights was a shocked. 25-year-old briton mckinley was murdered. a second woman lived in the home was also shot and wounded. the shootings were the result of a domestic dispute. neighbors did notice trouble recently. >> yesterday there was an altercation with some other people from out of town. suv ande found a white that they believe belongs to the gunman. up thepect to wrap investigation soon. neighbors are taking care of the woman's young son. >> investigators are searching for a person or persons who then left woman and in a northwest d.c. alley. the woman was found saturday off first street and street. >> i saw blood and a lady traumatized. her face looked like it was hit, broken, but punched her in the eye. her pants were off her body as had forced them down. the woman ha
huntington and braddock road. on the green line, buses replace between branch ave. the work starts at 10:00 tonight and runs through sunday. e weekend coming up after some evening showers. this is how we looked earlier. this is down at wintergreen, and see those morning clouds. we still have a lot of clouds around. you can get an idea of the cold air coming our way. hagerstown, 66. down in the south, it is still in the 70's. some pretty nasty the extremes, southern maryland. all of this, it is moving well to the south. a cluster of lightning moving on northern edge.e that is staying away from us. here is doppler, another patchen culpeper. -- and other patch in culpeper. those friday night football games will be having a few but nothing really violent like last night. temperature today was above average, 81 degrees. s the satellite that a bit farther to so it is harder to see south america. over the last 24 hours, a nasty storm, reports of hail, and a lot of lightning. by evening, the showers near us moving well to the towards the lower eastern shore. with thoserning, at thesterly winds,
braddock road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >>> the search for a missing man in northern virginia. take a look at this picture. this is 71-year-old david short of alexandria. police say he has been missing since about 9:00 a.m. yesterday when short was report lid going to virginia hospital center in arlington. he is believed to be driving a 2006 silver green honda crv with virginia tags kbk6001. and he may be in the gainesville area of prince william county looking for a relative. >>> the democrats will roll out another who's who list of speakers at the democratic national convention tonight. former president big clinton is among the high profile names. as for last night, the party introduced some rising stars that included san antonio mayor julian castro. he set the tone by planning mitt romney as a millionaire who just dent get t the prime time slot went to the first lady, michelle obama and she tried to remind the american people about her husband's values and vision. >> he is the same man who started his career by turning down high-paying jobs and instead
. on the yellowg braddock huntington to road. the blue and green lines will be normal. here's newschopper 7 over the t ramp.les tomorrow the connections between eastbound and the beltway around 1:00 p.m. that will be convenient. in bethesda starting tonight at big there's going to be a in a projectup that will last quite some time. woodmont avenue it will be nearly two years near miller. the closure is part of plans for two high ines and additional parking downtown bethesda. the man behind the iconic poster obama emblazoned hope has avoided jail time. he got probation after being destroyingf in a civilocuments lawsuit over the poster. the associated press accused him using onethe poster their copyrighted pictures of the president without permission. bars.ed six months behind adam caskey is back with us now for the forecast. beautiful with bright sunshine. warm.le look at the sunrise this morning at 6:43. today we had 12 hours and 26 minutes of daylight. next month, that's hours and 31 minutes. of daylight longerhts are getting and the days are getting shorter. still have warm and humid tea. the
light to moderate rain move through. five minutes in braddock, eight minutes in alexandria. clinton, maryland, 23 minutes. in around brandywine, 38 minutes as this is moving toward the east at about 40 miles per hour. we are going to continue to watch this storm closely. then, we are going to watch what's happening out to the we have. we have talked about this moisture train out here. a lot of moisture, including this area of storminess right here. this is going to ride along this front and try to move our way. we do have a chance for some of these to continue tonight. if you live to the north of washington, this storm right here that we are seeing, it may go just south of d.c. these may travel just off to the north. maybe the panhandle of west virginia, frederick and up towards hagerstown. then, we are going to watch this area. if it can stay together, it will be here during the day tomorrow. we could be dealing with strong thunderstorms tomorrow. all because of this frontal boundary. very warm air to the south. watch this area of low pressure to our west. this is about 5:00. once
. monika has timesaver traffic. >> reporter: bunch of construction. the outer loop at braddock road as well. you have slow traffic right here on the beltway through that construction zone. the inbound side of i 66 itself you are okay from centerville heading over toward the beltway and the beltway through an endale, again, watch out for that construction. first of all on the northbound and southbound sides of i-95, here you are okay. just got word of an accident northbound on the prince william parkway, you want to be careful. i believe the road is blocked there on the northbound side of the prince william parkway. back over to our maps on the other side, no problems to report, route 50 as you head into the northeast corridor and a live look at college park. here traffic is moving well. i'll be back with more coming up at 4:39. back to you guys. >>> the third week of the nfl season and the talk among the redskins is turning away from hg3 to the offense and the obvious problems on defense. >> there is plenty of problems on both sides of the ball. the third straight woke redskins have given u
and braddock road. no work on the blue line this weekend. there's a plan in place to keep nationalsing if any playoff games run late. now an online company called leading social says it will pay for extended service. the company is putting down the it as ato cover deposit. and elementary school in washington had a l guest, washington .izards guard john wall he spoke with students and promoted a new school fitness program. brianne carter has details. >> a special start to the school for students of simon elementary in southeast d.c. the washington wizards guard l worked out with the 8 students working hard to healthy. want them to get a good education. build our t of the kids success program, designed enhance health and academic udents.ance of st district grade student participates in the mornings. >> we go out onto the field. >> kids should get 60 minutes physical activity per day, many schools don't provide physical education and 't have regular recess. program was introduced last d.c. to help their bodies. say it is helping their >> we get feedback from them and we know the students
of the beltway approaching braddock road, wisdom. that is where we had the overnight construction that was still in play as you travel the inner loop from springfield headed up towards braddock. it looks like they have cleared the lanes now so all the cones and barrels if you will have been pushed over to the shoulder. lanes are open inner loop of the beltway leaving spring field continuing up towards tysons. you we'll find north of town lanes are open, beltway running smoothly around towards 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. >>> former president bill clinton is among the headline speakers at day two of the democratic national convention tonight. last night, san antonio mayor julian castro gave the keynote address. he taunted mitt romney for his shifting on positions like abortion, gay marriage and his own push for universal health care as governor of massachusetts. now, the prime time slot went to first lady michelle obama. she reminded the american people of her husband's values and vision. >> barack refused to listen to all those folks who told him to leave healt
are traveling northbound on the inner loop of the beltway leaving braddock road head up towards gallows road. the construction we had as 236 is gone off that ramp. no problems to report coming inbound pennsylvania avenue across the sousa bridge. light traffic volume here. we have agot traffic flowing at speed as you guys travel southbound kenilworth avenue leaving 50 continuing out towards pennsylvania avenue and no problems to report in southeast. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> thank you. >>> prince george's county firefighters dodge danger identify second time this month when a car slammed into one of their engines. let's take a look at the photos from that incident saturday morning. on the inner loop of the beltway near the bw parkway, a driver crashed into the back of the engine. then a few minutes later, another driver ran into the car that hit the engine that. driver tried to least scene but several officers stopped that driver about a half mile away. both drivers will face several charges. >>> a deadly head-on collision saturday night. investigate overs sa
the beltway in virginia, good news here, on the outer loop as you make your way past braddock road in this area, just the left lane is getting by. eun, over to you. >>> 4:34. breaking news, a deadly shooting during a midnight election rally in canada for quebec's new premier. angie goff is in the newsroom now for more. >> eun, one person is dead. another critically injured after a masked gunman in a bathrobe opened fire at the midnight victory rally. the new premier was not hurt. rushed off the stage by her security guards. she reportedly asked what's going on as she was grabbed unaware of the shooter. police say the gunman who is in custody is 50 years old. they say he opened fire in the back of the room during this speech while hundreds filled the auditorium. right now no official word on what kind of weapon but camera footage showed a pistol and a rifle at the scene. as of right now a motive is still unclear. police saying they don't know if she was the direct target. reporting live in the newsroom, angie goff, news4. >> thank you. >>> tonight, former president bill clinton will
is shut down, inner loop and outer loop at braddock road, the entrance and exit ramps shut down. all that should be out of the way soon. we'll look at maryland construction next. >> all right, mike, thank you. >>> a shooting happened just inside the d.c. line from maryland in the 300 block of ridge road and southeast near a rental office for d.c. public housing. police say that's where a man was shot once in the leg a little after 2:00 this morning. he was found by people passing by and taken to a nearby hospital. his injury is serious, but he'll survive. no arrests have been made. >>> 4:33. today five men convicted of murder in one of the deadliest mass shootings in d.c. history will be sentenced. san kwan carter, orlando carter, jeffrey best, robert bost and lamar williams. the men carried out a series of violent crimed in march 2010 that culminated in the mass shooting which killed three and injured six. in all the men killed five and injured nine in a series of revenge attacks that prosecutors say started over stolen costume jewelry. all five face life in prison. >>> police offic
and cheverly. trains will single track between huntington and braddock road. that the yellow line. there will be no work on the blue or green. >> texas will soon open a stretch of highway with the highest speed limit in the country. a speed limit of 85 miles an hour has been approved for a 41- mile toll road that runs south from austin and will open in november. 5:42 is the time, 70 degrees. >> a bittersweet night for nationals fans. we have a look ahead >> here's what's coming up at 6:00 on "good morning washington." lighter moments from the democratic national convention including who pokes fun at clint eastwood >> . and what led kelly tickler to make such a drastic hair change. -- kelly pickler. >> and one has this mom dancing and her kids bus stop. those stories and more coming abets the top of the hour at 6:00 a.m. >> tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00, she is nearly one of a kind. we will introduce you to the only female motorcycle police officer in prince george's county. she is one of the few in the country. alison starling tells us why this working woman has taken on the chall
braddock, still seeing the left lane blocked by the cones in this area. but your volume is light here. just stick to the right and you will get by without any issue. i'm back in ten minutes. aaron and eun, over to you. >>> 4:33. following breaking news. 90 minutes ago los angeles experienced another earthquake. the 3.5 quake hit the beverly hills area. melissa mollet has the latest. >> wps essay they felt a sharp jolt and then a slow roll. this is the second earthquake to hit beverly hills in the past week. now, the quake registered at a 3.5. it hit around an hour and a half ago. across southern california and downtown l.a. the u.s. geological survey says that the epicenter is nine miles from the l.a. civic center. monday's quake registered at 3.2. right now the survey says they are unclear if the two are related. at this point there are no reports of damage of injuries. just, of course, some rattled nerves. live in the newsroom, melissa mollet, back to you. >>> another earthquake in china is to blame for more than 20 deaths this morning and hundreds more are hurt. overnight a 5.6 quake sho
. yellow line all the way to braddock road. >> do you feel the need for speed? the issue probably had to the lone star state. texas will soon open a stretch of highway with the high speed limit in the country. they have approved a speed limit of 85 m.p.h. for a toll road between austin and san antonio. they expect the high-speed road to ease congestion on other highways, but they are asking drivers to use common sense and try to stay safe. >> let's see how people are able to drive around our area with a check of the evening commute this friday. >> it definitely not going 85 miles per hour on the beltway. cards are stacked up all the way in from old georgetown. at university, at the speed it stays low until college park. as you move in towards marlboro, the road to crawl up taking all the way in. on the virginia side, not necessarily the easiest route through the mixing bowl. all brake lights. there are more slowdowns on the trip into downtown toward the 14th street bridge. 95 south house delays all the way in to fredericksburg. that is the check on your drive home. leon, back to you.
there taking place and slowing you down. traveling the outer loop of the beltway at braddock, only the right lane going to get you by the work zone there. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. aaron and eun, back over to you. >>> mitt romney begins a crucial bus tour. the republican presidential nominee will spend the next three days in the states of ohio and virginia. romney met with supporters last night in another key state, colorado. this rally was in denver, which will hold the first presidential debate next week. he and president obama appeared separately on cnbc' "60 minutes" last night. romney clarified his comments about the 47% of americans who pay no income tax. >> i do a very good campaign. it's doing a good job, but not everything i say is perfect. i want to make it clear. i want to help 100% of americans. >> donors want to know, how do you turn this around? >> we don't need a turnaround. we have a campaign that's tied with the incumbent president of the united states. >> are you going to win this thing? >> i am going to win this thing. >> and president obama defending hi
pavement here. want to make you aware, outer loop as you make your way past braddock toward the interchange, still seeing two left lanes blocked as the cones erupt. you're able to get by. good news on the i-95 southbound approaching 3, the crash has been moved to the shoulder lane. i'm back in ten. aaron and eun, over to you. >>> 4:54. some of world's top golfers are in the chicago area for the ryder cup. the tournament takes place every two years and pits the united states against europe. this year's event takes place at the medinah country club. you can catch it tomorrow on nbc 4 starting at 9:00 a.m. >>> talks between the nhl owners and players union will continue today. the league cancelled the rest of the preseason schedule yesterday because of the ongoing lockout. the owner locked out the players earlier this month after the two sides couldn't agree on a new collective bargaining agreement. the capitals are scheduled to open their season october 12th at home, but that is looking more and more like it will be cancelled too. >> too bad. we need hockey. >> try to get it together soon. >>
will single n noma and fort totten. trains will single between huntington and braddock road. there will be no work on the line. >> a plan is in place to keep any national if playoff games run late. they tried reaching a deal, but now living social will pay for service. company is putting down a deposit, required keep metro open late. >> seems like a good move for them. >> it is 64 degrees. >> in the big apple, a push to >> it is 64 degrees. >> in the big apple, a push to build the world's excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle. coming up at 6:00, fans, players, and coaches cheered the e regular nfl th referees. did the coaches feel after the game? >> and what could cause gas prices to start climbing again. >> a man police police on horseback and we have the video. at 6:00.l ahead we will hear from comedian handler on "katie." they will talk family, friends, sex with the funny girl at today right here on abc 7. >> tonight on abc 7 news at 5, lot of time spend a in hospitals have many tough challenges. e situatio
on the outer loop past braddock as you head towards the interchange, you're going to see the cones up blocking two of your left lanes. again, right here stick to the right to get by, and you're going to be fine. let's head over to i-270. still seeing wet pavement. give yourself extra time if you're just about to head out of the house. some of you still experiencing showers. along i-270, no accidents, no cannot instruction as you make your way between frederick and the beltway, you're clear. i'm back in ten minutes. aaron and eun, back over to you. >> still to come this morning, how people in new zealand are preparing for the big one more than a year after the deadly earthquake. >>> i'm angie goff with breaking news for the news 4 live desk. 17 people are dead and several others trapped after a bus plunges into a river in india. the bus carrying 45 passengers, including many school students, was on a bridge when it suddenly fell in the water. villagers are able to rescue 20 people. this happened about 30 miles east of mumbai. at the live desk, i'm angie goff. >> the furor over replacement refer
. inner loop slowing from braddock road to gallows road. stalled tractor-trailer out of your way. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. >> thank you. >>> first lady michelle obama and dr. jill biden are doing some community service while in charlotte. they will pack care packages for service members returning home from overseas deployment. they will include shampoos, razors and wash cloths. >>> this morning, hundreds of people in d.c. have a new sense of how healthy they are. more than 800 people were given free physicals yesterday thanks to i visit from dr. oz. they are screened for blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, weight and waist size. more than half of those tested have high blood pressure. 2/3 were overweight or obese. more young people in d.c. are smokers compared to the other cities where dr. oz tested. and despite these findings, dr. oz told us it was a day filled with hope. >> people feel like they could have hope. something you feel and you sense when you're dealing with hundreds of people. the first question i got asked was what do i do it b. it?
to braddock road. all the work expected to wrap up in time for monday morning's commute. >>> the search is on for this stolen puppy. why people who care for this animal worry he is in danger. e. the middle class, who move our country forward. work hard. raise families. and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class. raising taxes on the average family by up to $2000 dollars. while giving a tax break of $250,000 dollars to multi-millionaires. doesn't mitt romney understand, we can't rebuild tearing down the middle class. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. >>> it's every beer drinker's worst nightmare. a semi carrying cases of miller lite and blue moon turned over in colorado. gallons and l gagallons of beer over. bottles littering the road. the truck driver suffered minor injuries in the accident. he is believed to be okay. the beer, however, is not. >> people are crying over this video, at the waste. >> the
the city, most of them in old town. there are stations at the king street and braddock road metro stations. capital bike share is also in the district and arlington. >>> now to the skies. the website airfarewatch dog says virgin america is the best domestic airline. its rankings are based on things like on time arrivals, baggage. jetblue came in second followed by airtrain. the biggest airlines in our region were closer to the bottom of the list. southwest airlines ranked sixth. u.s. airways at eighth and united came in last at number ten. >>> 6:38 now. moms and dads and even people without kids, chances are you have seen the movie finding nemo. that disney movie caused a spike in the sale of clown fish as pets just like the one seen in the movie. coming up in nine minutes, learn if this is the right pet for your family and how you need to take good care of these fish. >> i love little nemo. so cute. you'll want to grab a jacket or sweater this morning. only in the 40s outside of the beltway but we are on our way to a gorgeous day. howard has the forecast when 9news now returns. good morni
in the area. let's also check this time at braddock, traveling on the outer loop of the beltway. not a lot of volume, but still seeing two of the left lanes blocked here. this time on the outer loop as you make your way toward the interchange. if you're taking the rails, still checking them, they're looking good. metro, marc, and vre aren't reporting delays. they're running on our close to schedule. aaron and eun, over to you. >> 5:23 now. >>> california is the latest state to allow google's self-driving cars on the road. governor jerry brown signed the autonomous vehicles into law. the law will set up procedures and requirements for determining when the cars are road ready. nevada passed similar bills. google hopes that self-driving cars will be able to drive on public streets in five years or less. the nats' first place lead is shrinking just a bit. the nationals lost to the phillies, and the second place braves beat the marlins. that reduced the nats' lead to four games. the number to clinch the division is five. washington and atlanta have both clinched playoff spots now. the nats take
on the beltway. live look as you make your way towards braddock. no accidents on the inner loop or outer loop, but definitely the rain will slow you down. expect delays if you're about to head out of the house. barbara, back over to you. >>> police say they have several suspects in the stabbing of a high school student. someone stabbed a 17-year-old boy yesterday. doctors expect him to survive. administrators placed the school on lockdown as a precaution. police believe that stabber was another northwestern high school student. they aren't saying whether they have a motive for the attack at this time. >>> d.c. police investigating two attacks. they want to know what many of us know. are they connected? the most recent attack happened early tuesday morning. casey adams said he was walking near north carolina avenue and third street southeast. at the time he said he was on the phone with his wife, suddenly, two men jump him, demanding a cell phone and money. >> they left me there, you know, on the street just, i mean, i was unconscious for maybe a few moments. blood in my eye. i couldn't see, s
.m. danella? >> traveling in virginia, a crash. the closure is by braddock road. 395 is sluggish from the pentagon to the
and wait for the tickets. they were really looking forward to the speech on thursday night. braddock, alan is challenging you here. yesterday we were told that seating capacity with the stage construction, they would block off 10,000 seats, which is pretty much normal when you're looking at a significant backdrop. that means 64,000 people would need to fill the stadium. how many are you reporting this thing would've gone forward? >> from what i have been told, they were scrambling and panic going that they would not be able to fill a large majority. i've been in charge of major media events for two presidents. i know the kind of worry and panic that can fit in when you don't have a base crowd you can rely on. i can tell you that as sure as i'm sitting on this show, whether became the convenient excuse and they didn't want to embarrass the president and he is going on onto 15,000 people that are assured as opposed to 55,000 otherwise. >> this is pure political spin. anti-democratic. bill: do any of those arguments hold up to you, alan? >> no. they knew to logistically what they needed to do
for the 14th street bridge. beltway inner loop, gallows road and braddock road. traffic heavy but all lanes open. b w parkway traffic tied up. we have major tie-ups to report coming out of southern maryland, part of that due to the crash at matta woman bean room. accident activity at 210 and living stop and marshall hall. northbound 210, after allentown. and a crash on ben involving a bus. follow police direction to get by. that's a check of the fox 5 ontime traffic. >> july, things >>> the latest poll show president obama and mitt romney in a dead heat with fewer than two months before the election. we have to talk about that breaking news out of libya this morning. joining us is democratic strategies peter fin and republican strategies jim asanzi. sad news to report out of libya. can i get your reaction? >> this is terribly sad. it shows how a crazy video that just goes on the internet that nobody even paid any attention to incites people. is in egypt last january, working with the political parties over there. and the first wave, of course, came against our embassy in cairo. it's very di
at the braddock stations. no reason not to come into town but lots of reasons to give yourself a little extra time if you are indeed riding the red line. live at dupont circle, derek ward, news 4. >> a lot of good information there, derek, thanks. >>> there is good news -- this is what i was talking about earlier -- happy to diver this to drivers. two new ramps open up connecting the dulles access road to the beltway's inner and outer loops. drivers on the access road used to have to cross several lichbs traffic to exit on to the beltway. this caused major traffic headaches. the ramps were part of the lanes project. >>> today a longtime d.c. grocery store will close its doors. the safeway in petworth will close today as it prepares for a major makeover. the new store will be three times bigger and be part of a mixed use development along georgia avenue with apartment buildings. safeway there keep their pharmacy open in a temporary location near the construction site. the store opened in 1963 and is expected to reopen some time in 2014. >>> stephen strasburg has one more start before he's shut down
is in separate stretches. braddock road to gallows, and to the georgetown pike with the activity on the shoulder. once you get past this, the pace improves to the american legionbridge and to 270. we'll update the ride on 395 northbound leaving duke street. no problems right now. traveling north of landmark and past seminary road. the lanes are open and southbound 270 slow in here in germantown and to mba and shady grove to the split. that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> the search for a missing man in northern virginia. this is 71-year-old david short of alexandrea. police say he's been missing since 9:00 yesterday morning when short was reportedly going to virginia hospital center in arlington. he's believed to be driving a 2006 silver-green honda crv with virginia tags kbk6001. and he may have been in the gainesville area of prince william county looking for a relative. tony. >>> a fallen navy seal from anne arundel county will be laid to rest today. he was among seven americans killed in afghanistan on august 16th. the helicopter crashed during a fire fight with insurgents. mon
head towards braddock road, 27 miles per hour all the way to the dulles toll road and taking the beltway in montgomery county. you know how it goes. i-95 all the way to georgia avenue. very slow. underspeed at about 29 miles per hour. aaron? >> thank you, >>> we're back on wednesday morning, the 5th of september, 2012, taking a look outside you can see it has begun to rain out there. it's been predicted. mr. roker get it right again. >> i had no idea. you set them up -- >> here in the studio i'm matt lauer along with al roker and tamron hall helping us out when savannah is at the democratic convention in sharyl. still ahead "today's" professionals in the studio. >> prince harry, a cheating scandal and harvard and much more. >>> fun finds for fall. matt and i were wondering where to get hip velvet jeans, cool nail colors and hottest looks in jewelry from our pal jill. >> in our next half hour the year's best hair products as well. first let's get a check of the morning's top stories. natalie standing by at the news desk. natalie. >> good morning, matt and al, tamron, everyone.
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